Type Life Issue #1 – Special Lab


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The inaugural issue is a special about the Lab. In this Research & Development department, we explore new ideas for future fonts. Two of the most recent additions to the Lab are showcased here. The first one named BRRR is a playful wide Grotesk with a great deal of disruptive details. A spin-off from Simplon Mono, it was initially created to design a poster series for Swiss artist Simon Paccaud. KRSNA started out as a custom version of NewParis Skyline, made for two vinyl record sleeeves by Geneva-based musician Grace Core. This experimental typeface abandons the convention of a continuous baseline and introduces a three-storey space where the letters can sit at the top, center or bottom, with the remaining space filled by bars and spikes. The resulting word images are captivating patterns with logo-like qualities. Type Life reveals how BRRR and KRSNA came into being by depicting preliminary sketches, evolutionary steps, and photos of experiments made during trips. Reproductions of the very first applications show the fonts in context.
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Concept, art direction, design, fonts, lettering, photography and texts: Swiss Typefaces
TL#1 guest, handmade lettering and illustrations: Zombie Tears
Language: English
Pages: 20
Dimension: 23.5 x 32 cm
Weight: 50 g
Printer: CRICprint, Marly, Switzerland
Printing: Offset, 4 Pantone colors (neon & metallic)
Binding: Softcover, loop staples
Print run: 1000 copies, first edition
Publisher: Swiss Typefaces, Vevey
Year: May 2017

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