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Sang Bleu II


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SKU: 01SBMAG-2-1
In 2008, founder Maxime Plescia-Buchi upped the ante by expanding on pages and brands featured in Sang Bleu magazine. Spanning 336 pages, issue 2 featured collaborations and works from various artists such as Maria Trofimova, Matthieu Lavanchy, Lotta Grahn, Yassin Baggar, Tonatiuh Amrosetti, Ian Party and B&P Typefoundry. Drawing on its unique visual identity Sang Bleu 2 holds an amalgamation of brands, from vintage like Beyond Retro, to casual American Apparel, or high-end fashion designers such as Yves Saint Laurent, Giorgio Armani, Balenciaga, Givenchy, and Christian Dior.

ISBN: 977-1-75219500-9-02
Publishing Date: 2008
Page Number: 336
Dimensions (cm): 24 x 33

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