2009 by Maxime “MXMTTT” Plescia-Buchi


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Maxime “MXMTTT” Plescia-Buchi’s new book, titled 2009, is a celebratory culmination of designs created and amassed over ten years in the tattoo industry. 2009 is a redesign of his 2016 book, 1000. Particularly special is the way 2009 documents ‘MXMTTT’ working process over his monumental career. 2009 gives the reader an exclusive insight into the inner workings of Plescia-Buchi’s intricate artistic process.

The book features over 500 more designs than his previous book, totalling over 2000 designs across 400 pages. Forewords by Takahiro “Ryudaibori” Kitamura and Duke Riley.

2009 is a final offering back to the tattoo world, which has been as important for Maxime ‘MXMTTT’ Plescia-Buchi’s boundary-defying creative exploration as he has been instrumental in the artistic and socio-cultural evolution of tattoo culture over the last ten years.

The first 300 pre-orders of 2009 will receive a triptych of signed letterpress prints, designed exclusively by Maxime “MXMTTT” Plescia-Buchi for 2009.

2009 is exclusively available from our co-publisher Raking Light Projects.

Please note that books are expected to ship in January 2020.